Bare Bones 101 – ‘searching the web’

Bibliographic and Citation Generator (Free)

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Diigo – Book Marking! Collect, highlight and then remember (cloud applications)

Planning a Workshop (Mind Tools)

Education & Meditation (article in the Chronicle)

School of Instructor Education

Scoop It ~ Curating beautiful topic pages

Social Media for Learning

Teach Thought ~ 36 things every teacher should know 

Ted Ed Lessons Worth Sharing

Team Building


British Columbia Therapeutic Recreation Association

Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association

Leisure and Outdoor Educators (

Outdoor Recreation Research and Evaluation Centre

Resources for the Creative Urge

Artist Help Network

Martha Stewart: Create, Cook, Explore

Photo Bucket for your photo’s and videos

Photo Pin: Free pictures for Bloggers and Creatives

Spiritual Tidings

Learn Meditation Techniques

Maya Frost – Mindfulness

Sound healers association

Health & Wellness

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi “Flow Theory”

Sharing Nature – Worldwide

What is Aromatherapy

What is Well Being?


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