In his wonderful manifesto, Gandhi’s first tenet was: Be the Change.  Those words are what I use to surround myself with ~ what I use to guide my life with.

I am in the midst of change and re-creating myself.  Not surprisingly,  its terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time ~ kind of like swimming in shark infested waters.   I’m no stranger to change especially in the career/education department.  I’ve gone from an Ecology Science Technician to Recreation and Administration to Recreation Therapy and now to Teaching.  My subject area is not nailed down as yet, but in the end I’m sure it will be a blend of all the above with a healthy dose of Wellness mixed in.

The purpose of this blog…

This is my first attempt at hard-core social media.  The idea is to start a collection of resources and ideas that will Express the kind of ‘stuff’ that puts a smile on my face and in my heart too.  With any luck, at least some of that stuff will do the same for you!

Shark dive, UnderWater World

Go ahead ~ Express YourSelf!

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  1. Katie Baird says:

    Great blog! I like how you have catergorized all your posts into different sections at the top (spiritually, creatively), which really helps with navigating your page. Your posts are very positive and uplifting! In regards to your article “choices that lead to happiness” following your blog could be one of them 😉

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