A Mini Lesson ~ Walk on the Wild Side

Mini Lesson:  A Walk on the Wild Side


The personal, societal, economic, and environmental (global) benefits of nature


1.1  An overview of some of the personal, social, economic, and environmental benefits of nature


Louv, Richard.  the Nature Principle, Human Restoration and the end of Nature-deficit disorder.  2011.  Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, North Carolina U.S.

Parks and Recreation Federation of Ontario.  The Benefits of Parks and Recreation. A Catalogue. 1992. Ministry of Tourism and Recreation Ontario.

 Content Outline:

Activities and Procedures:

Introduction:  Articulating the benefits of nature can help people draw their own conclusions as to the importance of nature in our personal lives and that of our children’s future.  It is hoped that the realization of the benefits will lead to a re-connection to nature that may change how we think of and experience our world.

 Personal Benefits:

Simply being in nature contributes to a full and meaningful life.

Relaxation, rest and revitalization through the opportunity of being in nature is essential to stress management in today’s busy technological world.

Nature opportunities for youth provide positive lifestyle choices and alternatives to self-destructive behaviour.

Nature in all it’s forms from parks to waterways to sunsets bring beauty to us, lifts our spirits, brings joy and in general increases our life satisfaction and improves our quality of life.

Contact with nature improves our health by lowering our stress levels, shortens our length of recovery, and we experience less pain.

The diversity inherent in nature provides aesthetic value and contributes to health and well-being.

Nature provides recreation and adventure activities that help build confidence and self-esteem in youth.  When they feel good about themselves, they operate more effectively and productively in our communities, families and schools.

There is no greater opportunity for people to experience self-actualization than through leisure in nature and the spiritual renewal, creative expression, discovery and stimulation of self that it offers.

 Social Benefits

Nature provides leadership opportunities that build strong communities.

Nature programs reduces alienation, loneliness and anti-social behaviours.

Nature programs promotes ethnic and cultural harmony.

Family nature programs builds stronger families, the foundation of a stronger society.

nature provides opportunities for community involvement and shared management and ownership of resources.

Integrated and accessible nature opportunities are critical to the quality of life of people with a disability and disadvantaged individuals.

The quality of accessible natural environments are the foundations of community pride.

 Economic Benefits

Pay now or pay later!  Investment in nature as a preventive health insurance makes economic sense.

Parks and their accompanying recreation services motivate business relocation and expansion in your community.

Natural environments and recreation services are often the catalyst for tourism, a growing sector of our economy.

Investments in environmental protection through the provision of parks and open spaces pay for themselves.

Environmental Benefits

Through the provision of parks, open spaces and protected natural environments, recreation can contribute to the environmental health of our communities.  This is an essential, life-sustaining role.

Investing in the environment through parks and the provision of open space in residential areas, leads to an increase in neighbourhood property values through accessibility to environmentally friendly green spaces and associated recreation opportunities.

The trend toward natural environment based leisure activities is insurance for a new and improved environmental future.

Evaluation and Assessment:

Muddiest Point or CIQ

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