A Pedestrian in Palermo

When I arrived in Palermo, nearly a month ago now, I was greeted by one of the teachers at school with the words “Benvenuta alla giungla”. While I’ve failed to notice Axl Rose rocking out in any pasticcerias, I am now accustomed to the general chaos they were referring to. Italian chaos is renowned throughout Europe, and particularly in little old orderly England. For some excellent examples of Brits being shocked by Italian organisation, see Louise’s, Chynna’s and Mike’s year abroad blogs. They are also my blogging inspiration. Thanks guys ❤

Sicilians in particular take driving recklessly, casual opening hours, and interestingly-shaped pavements to a new level. And out of the various Sicilian cities, Palermo wins for danger appeal at pedestrian crossings. Saying this, I haven’t actually visited anywhere else in Sicily large enough to be considered a city yet, but one of my three guidebooks (according to my…

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